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Wire-Wrapped Jewelry

Artist, BJ, uses semi-precious stones, such as Peridot, Citrine and Black Opal in combination with his wire-wrapped designs.
A large selection of handcrafted cameo jewelry from jewelry designer Preston Reuther.
Discover wire-wrapped Bolo ties.
Features wire-wrapped bracelets in a variety of sizes.
Cork. Combines the ancient with the contemporary, showing the beauty of cultural heritage in a modern context.
Rishar Miranda's jewelry is constructed in sterling silver and 14K gold accented with precious and semi precious gemstone. Rishar creates a variety of rings, bracelets and pins.
A large selection of handcrafted gemstone jewelry from jewelry designer Preston Reuther.
Have a favorite name spelled out in wire, or, purchase a wire-wrapped necklace, bracelet, pendant or ring.
"Individually created wire wrapped jewelry. Designer cabochons wrapped in 14K Gold Filled and Sterling Silver wire. Pendants, earrings, and bracelets to fit your wrist are available.
Our wire is made from a tube of 12 karat gold or sterling silver. All items are guaranteed against breakage with normal wear.
Wire-wrapped jewelry, with an emphasis on wire-wrapped names and words.