The Different Types of Metals Used In Jewellery

Jewellery is made out of different metals. Every metal has its own distinguished qualities. The metal that stands at top in all the jewellery metals is gold. It is an ancient metal which has been used to create the objects of art, the religious articles and of course some fine jewellery pieces. This metal has the great quality of getting mixed with other metals as to create different colours and karats. Taking care of the gold jewellery is very important and easy. You may rub the gold items with soft chamios or may simply wash them with the dish washing detergent. You may also use a soft toothbrush to brush away the dirt.


Another popular jewellery metal is the platinum. It is a very durable metal. Since 1880s the jewellers have been using this metal for preparing the fine jewellery pieces. This metal has got good density and strength and so it is used widely to hold the diamonds. During the last few years the platinum jewellery has grown a lot in popularity. While buying the platinum jewellery, one should check that the item is stamped with its metal content.

Earlier the Egyptians were using silver to create the ornaments but slowly the concept spread to the entire world. The silver jewellery became popular due to certain facts associated with it. This metal had comparatively affordable price and was easy to manufacture. This metal is rich in lustre but can tarnish when exposed to elements. For removing this tarnishing a lot of products are available in the market.

Diamonds are also highly popular specially among the women. Under intense pressure and heat the diamonds were formed millions of years ago inside the earth. The diamonds possess unique brilliance and also the hardness which have made them popular around the world. The diamonds are available in different colours and get a more beautiful look with the unique cutting and polishing.